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  • What is a Bath Truffle?
    A bath truffle is a mix between a bath bomb and a solid bubble bar! To use: Step 1 Unwrap Step 2 Run Your bath water Step 3 Hold truffle under the running water until dissolved Step 4 enjoy the bubbles and take in the fragrance Step 5 sIT BACK, RELAX AND ENJOY!
  • What is a Shower Steamer?
    A shower steamer is essentially a bath bomb for the shower! To Use: Step 1 Unwrap Step 2 Run Your Shower and place at the very back in the bottom of the shower or the inner side of the side (where it will get splashed) Step 3 Splash with some water Step 4 Enjoy the Aromatics!!! Step 5 Place remaining shower steamer on a dish or shower shelf for next time! NOTE: Shower steamers are NOT FOR THE BATH. Shower use only.
  • How do I make my soap last as long as possible?
    1. Let dry between uses 2. Don't submerge under water for long periods of time 3. Cut the bar into smaller pieces.
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