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All of our products take inspiration from daily life, occasions, art and food! Scrolling through facebook, pintrest and instagram or walking outside looking at the scenery. Or simply looking around at daily life, inspiration can hit from the smallest and strangest things! 

About Our Leather

Decorative Selections

Deciding on whether a soap has embeds, piped flowers or has soap dough is thought out as much as possible, but soaping is an artistic process and depends heavily on if the soap batter is willing to behave or not! I allow each design to come as it sees necessary! Add a bit of this, take away a bit of that. Dash of this, pinch of that. However, embeds are a make ahead adventure! Column molds for inside the soap and individual molds for on top!


Each slab, loaf, bar, bomb, truffles, butter are all made with quality ingredients (sourced from North America) that are chosen for maximum skin benefits and experience. Each color is carefully selected to create unique designs. Each additive and botanical are sourced from Alberta when possible!

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